Adult Dance Classes

Want To Learn How To Dance?

MAD offers a variety of dance classes for adults in the Taunton area. Dance Classes are offered for all levels/abilities. A list of the types of dancing classes is a follows:

  • Social Dancing

    A fun way to learn how to dance, improve basic or intermediate dance skills. Lessons last one hour. All classes have dancers of similar ability and age. 

  • Group/Practice Sessions

    Come along with a partner. Dancing in a small group, this will give you a chance to catch up on moves you have previously learnt and to try out new ones.

  • Private Dance Lessions

    A one hour lesson to help you as an individual or couple to improve your dancing, for medal tests, competitions or just fun. MAD can also choreograph a dance lesson to suit you for days such as your wedding.

  • Solo Latin Mix

    Fancy dancing Latin but don't have a partner? Try MAD's solo dancing Latin Mix. Latin dancing with a twist!

  • Freestyle, Street and Alterative Rhythms

    Learn set routines to current music. Classes include working on solo and double routines. They also involve different rhythms including energetic Rock 'n' Roll routines with jumps, kicks and flicks.

  • Freestyle and Street Formation Teams

    Teams are formed in age groups suited to all ages. The maximum number for any team is 16 (with any extras being 'subs') competing locally and nationally. Group events will be organised enabling all members (including 'subs') to be involved.

  • Contemporary Dance Classes

  • Dance Parties

    Stuck for party ideas? Why not start your hen party, birthday celebrations etc a bit earlier with a fun dance session.